Sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to change the questions you are asking:  That is the capability you get with a flexible point of view.

The Infinite IQ's system rapidly sifts through oceans of data to identify patterns and collaboratively dissect a problem to find a solution. It then presents the results in an intuitive graphical interface which you can share. The environment allows you to shift your point of view to analyze the same data from different perspectives until you land on the right way to look at the problem.

Infinite IQ’s presentation tools can rearrange results automatically using categories of your choosing so that you can keep or share your results and yet respond to new insights without starting over or losing information. The Infinite IQ system has the power to anticipate your next question, perform the analysis, and then integrate and share the data it finds.

Rather than just matching keywords, the Infinite IQ system does integrity checks and references relationships. It uses the graphical, mapping capabilities of the human mind to interactively manipulate and organize information from web sites, unstructured text and databases, and then present your options back for your decision making:  Have you found what you were seeking? Or do you need to look further?