Search engine software first altered the world by dramatically expanding access to information.  In the next wave of search software, the "user" will expand their capacity to take in that information. Infinite IQ is leading the new wave with systems that allow the user to absorb more information.  

Our goal is to widen and deepen people's vision or hearing so people can immediately get the next best right action for themselves. We want to feed human curiosity.  We provide the only machine learning tool in the world whose core structure is designed to help people get smarter, faster.   In addition, we developed tiny computer agents to assist in discovering patterns and regularities to expand the person's awareness. This tech expands your world by altering how information can be found, viewed, reused, shared, and customized.

Infinite IQ’s system of research reporting & data integration tools presents its users with a novel yet intuitive graphical interface.  This patented technology has facilitated fraud detection, enabled data integration and optimized marketing revenues for large corporations and tiny non-profits.

The largest and the smallest companies and organizations can benefit.  We can even support single individuals in certain domains which we hope to expand to many others.  Special researchers in life sciences and pharmacology can reduce the time to organize results and see connections.  

By manipulating symbols, the system adapts to our fluid world. In the simplest example, the system adapts to linguistic changes over time; if a user requests information regarding diaries, the system without specific instruction would include results that refer to blogging. Each individual adjustment seeming to be obvious to a person but en mass is a tough problem to solve.

The Infinite IQ system adapts to changing formats and can provide multiple points of view of the same data.

Infinite IQ is a privately held company in MA.   Click on the CONTACT tab to connect with us.