Our employees will challenge yours to look at the same question from multiple perspectives. Infinite IQ’s search technology takes disparate information such as lists, databases, websites, and text files and automatically adjusts to changes or differences in data formats.  Its advanced data presentation actually improves data clarity as messy information grows.  

No deep cleansing required to find a connection.

Infinite IQ’s search technology builds intelligent databases that associate people with any touch point: items they bought or places they visited.  From a personal perspective, its your best executive assistant, if you want it to be.  From a corporate perspective, it allows you to analyze your company's interaction with clients looking for interesting new opportunities to service their needs. The Infinite IQ system has the power to predict behavior despite holes in your knowledge, and can link data in ways other tools can't.  

The most outstanding feature of our environment is the broad and deep comparison of characteristics, and the speed with which we can can report them back to you.

Let us show your organization the power of our research tools: We introduced this concept to the world, and so far the world has only begun to benefit.